Container Hiring Service (Outside the Yard)
  • Customers can rent containers to go out of our yard and return containers during our office hours, from 8:00am to 8:00pm
  • Customers can hire their own logistics company to take the container out
  • The procedures for renting containers and clear and return containers can be done easily and quickly, there is no appointment needed to be made
  • Customers or the driver can check the container before taking the container out
  • The rent charge is on a daily basis, there’s no minimum charge
  • Hiring container in bulk will get special discount, please call us on 2659 0018 for further details

Container Category


Canes fee /time

20ft Standard $40 $50
20ft High Cube $70
40ft Standard $60
40ft High Cube $80
45ft High Cube $100
20ft Open Top ( With canvas) $100
20ft Open Top ( Without canvas) $80
40ft Open Top ( with canvas) $150
40ft open Top ( Without canvas) $120
20ft Flat/ Flat Rack $80
40ft Flat/ Flat Rack $120

*Renting an empty container out and return as a full loaded container, customers will get one day free of charge of renting out the conatiner and twice the charge of the crane.

*There is no accessing fees, no registration fees, no gate fees and no parking fees.

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Container Hiring Service (Outside the Yard)
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